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GR Clan League

Who do you think is going to win GR Clan League?
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GR Clan League - Rules and settings
PS: Changes in the rules and settings are written in red or green color
(updated November 6)
(update November 11)




Sign-ups open now (Tuesday 18rd October) and close Friday 28rd October. To sign-up, it's need use our forum, "GR Clan League-> sign-ups"
The team leader must provide the name of the team and all players who will participate. It's allowed the same team has team A and team B


In the group stage, each team must play against all other teams in each group. The best two in each group will play a quarter-final system, (1st of group A vs 2nd of group D, 1st of Group D vs 2nd of Group A, 1st of group B vs 2nd of Group C, 1st of Group C vs 2nd of Group B).
In the group phase, each team must play 3 matches against the other team. Win gives 1 point and loss no points. The best two teams advance for the quarter-finals. In the event of a tie, direction confrontation will be the tie-breaker.  Quarter-finals, Semifinals, final and challenge for 3rd place will be best of five. That means when the team reaches 3 wins, game is over (other 2 matches doesn't need to be played)

Maps and Settings

Game .............. : Random Map
Map Style .......... : Standard / Custom
Location ........... : (read further)
Size ................ : (according to number of players)
Difficulty .......... : Standard
Resources ......... : Standard
Population ......... : 200
Game Speed ...... : Normal
Reveal Map ....... : Normal (exception for BF, that will be Explored)
Starting Age ...... : Standard
Victory Condition . : Conquest

Team Together ... : [X] Yes
All techs ........... : [ ] No
Allow Cheats ...... : [ ] No
Lock Teams ....... : [X] Yes
Lock Speed ........ : [X] Yes
Record Game ..... : [X] Yes

Other Settings .... : Default / Normal

All games must be played in GameRanger and game version is 1.0c. Teams can pick any civ they want, but the players of a team can't use the same civ during a match. Example:
Right: huns + mongols + chinese
Wrong: huns + huns + mongols

Group Stage:

Game 1: Arabia 4 vs 4
Game 2: 3 vs 3 Home map of the team that lost Arabia
Game 3: 3 vs 3 Home map of the team that won Arabia

Game 1: Mongolia 4 vs 4
Game 2: 3 vs 3 Home map of the team that lost Mongolia
Game 3: 3 vs 3 Home map of the team that won Mongolia
Game 4 (if needed): 3 vs 3 Arabia
Game 5 (if needed): 3 vs 3 Baltic

Game 1: Arena 4 vs 4
Game 2: 3 vs 3 Home map of the team that lost Arena
Game 3: 3 vs 3 Home map of the team that won Arena
Game 4 (if needed): 3 vs 3 Scandinavia
Game 5 (if needed): 3 vs 3 Team Islands

Final and 3rd Place:
Game 1: Mega Random 4 vs 4
Game 2: 3 vs 3 Home map of the team that lost Mega Random
Game 3: 3 vs 3 Home map of the team that won Mega Random
Game 4 (if needed): 3 vs 3 Migration
Game 5 (if needed): 3 vs 3 Regicide Fortress

Home map list: Arabia, Arena, Batlic, Black Forest, Gold Rush, Islands, Land Nomad (WCL7), Mega Random (WCL7), Migration, Mongolia, Regicide (BCC3) Fortress, Team Islands, Scandinavia.
Attention!! Land Nomad, Mega Random and Regicide can be downloaded here
You're not allowed to play same map twice in same round. So in Groupstage Arabia isn't able to be chosen as Home map anymore.
Be sure to change sets to regicide if playing Fortress!

Games Arrangement

To schedule a game, teams must use the forum, as said before (GR Clan League - Scheduling) and add a new topic including the team name and the opponent's team name.
In case one team doesn't show up in the previous scheduled time, other team win W.O and 3 wins. If the same team doesn't show up again, it will be disqualified and its wins will be restored (a team that lost to this team will get the points)

1st round: 11/13/2011
2nd round: 11/20/2011
3rd round: 11/27/2011
4th round: 12/04/2011
5th round: 12/11/2011
quarter-finals: 12/18/2011
semifinals, final and third place: must finish until 01/15/2012

If teams have problems to arrange their games (conflicts of schedule, etc.)  administrator time will be 15:00 in each end of deadline

Group Stage
Click here to view the group stage and the rounds
All three games in Groupstage MUST BE PLAYED. Even if score is 2:0. You will earn points for every win.

Recorded Games

The team that wins the match must provide the recorded games in the site menu, section "GR League Recorded Games" and inform the match result in the topic.
To be easier for administrators, recorded games must be renamed into following format:

GR Clan League Group Stage Team1 vs  (zip file)
GR Clan League Group Stage Team1 vs Team2 Map.mgx   (single game)

Zip all the single game together, in order to upload just one package.
If one map was played twice, put a Number behind Mapname, which shows what map was played first.
The Name of entry should be like the Name of the relative Schedulingthread.

Teams that doesn't provide in this format can receive points penalties.

Additional Rules

  • It will be tolerated 15 minutes of delay in the previous scheduled game. If a team doesn't show up after this, the other team win by W.O (3:0)
  • If a game crashes, it must be restored. In this case, winner team must provide a screen picture showing the end of the match.
  • Complaints and subjects not included in the rules will be analysed by the moderators
BTP website will add a banner for the top three teams. The champion's team will have also all staff ranked as "GR Clan League Champion" in our website.

Good luck to everyone!







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